This presentation provides Grade 6 students with a basic understanding of the Holocaust in an age-appropriate and historically accurate manner. This background information is necessary before engaging with Holocaust literature or making connections to the Holocaust-related 2023 Social Studies curriculum expectations:

A3.7 describe significant events or developments in the history of Jewish communities in Canada, including some of the ways they have contributed to Canada and identify some of the impacts of antisemitism on these communities’ development and/or identities
B3.5 describe the responses of the Canadian government to human rights violations during the Holocaust an d the impact that global changes in understanding and legislation around human rights since World War II have had on the development of Canada’s responses to acts of hate and human rights violations

To support with my own explanations, I have used materials from excellent sources, listed on the last slide of the presentation. I strongly encourage you to explore these websites so that you may deepen your own understanding of the Holocaust and increase your confidence with the subject matter. There are many professional development opportunities available.

This presentation is supported by the resource “Guided Notes – What was the Holocaust?”. I recommend that you use the presentation as your text and guide for group discussion. As you teach each slide, students should fill in the corresponding information in the guided notes. I have provided an answer guide for your convenience. Dividing the presentation into 3-5 lessons will prevent overwhelming your students with too much information at once. Taking the time to have discussions about the information will enrich your students’ learning and help you clear up misconceptions as they arise.

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If you have any questions, edits, or suggestions, I welcome your feedback.

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